I Am Being Quarantine Shamed For The London Broil I Cooked Last Night And I Won't Tolerate Any Of It

We are all living way out of our comfort zones these days. Last night after a hard day's work from home I opened up a nice $10 bottle of red, turned on MLB the Show, and plopped a london broil in my brand new air fryer. Eight minutes in the air fryer and we've got medium rare. I threw some garlic power on it for some flavor, but held off on the pepper for some reason. Was the end result something out of chef Gordon Ramsay's kitchen? Shockingly no. The visual isn't great and I didn't have the energy to make a side. Listen it doesn't look like the most delicious thing in the world, I see that with my own two eyes, but it tasted completely fine and satisfied my hunger. What else do you really need these days? It wasn't raw and I didn't have to wake up having to shit my brains out. I see that as a win-win. 

Are we really quarantine shaming this early on the timeline? I haven't left my goddamn apartment in four fucking days. Haven't seen daylight since Friday. I'm losing my mind. Let me eat my london broil in peace thank you very much (I realize I'm the one who posted this on my Insta story follow me @eric_hubbs). 

So now what? How do I move on despite the internet shame? I'll probably cook another steak tonight, maybe with some pepper this time instead of garlic powder! I don't give a damn! All of the grocery stores are out of chicken so I have no choice. I'm trying to conserve money and not order delivery too much considering we may be in quarantine until July or August. There is no right way to live, but let's make a promise to not quarantine shame. We can't tear each other apart in times like these. We need to rise up together as one to defeat coronavirus.  

Now I'm going to go downstairs (that's right I've got two floors in my NYC apartment) to eat some chocolate chip mini muffins for breakfast. 

Thank you and fuck off.

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