A Video Of MJ Criticizing His Teammates And Talking About Breaking Their Spirits Is Going Viral To Remind You How Goddamn Ruthless Jordan Is

I know we're all desperate for the MJ documentary to drop. Why? Because shit like this. Well, also the fact we have nothing else to watch. But also because MJ is so fucking fascinating to anyone over the age of like 25? Anyone that can remember watching him in his prime and how weird the 90s were with him dominating, leaving, coming back to dominate, leaving and then going to the Wizards. 

There are so many legendary stories when it comes to Jordan. Hell, we've blogged a ton here just recently: 

I've said it before but there was no one better at mental warfare than Jordan. Whether it was teammates or competition, he just had no problem figuring out how to break you down. For teammates he'd attack you and like he said, he wanted to see if you could take it. If you broke you were no good to him or the team during tough times. Just a fucking ruthless way to go about it. 

I laugh my ass off with how he starts this clip. Oh I would never say I was cutthroat. Imagine thinking Jordan wasn't cutthroat! You can tell how much of an asshole he was just in that quote alone. There is no one more cutthroat than Jordan. Then it cuts to him just screaming 'you couldn't make a damn jump shot all night.' I can't get enough of how he operated. 

Note this isn't from the upcoming doc that we're all trying to watch early: 

There's no one like Jordan man. The dude kicked my ass a kid and a fan. He ripped my heart out every damn time it looked like the Knicks were going to win. But watching him threaten his teammates and rip into them just makes it awesome. The guy didn't give a fuck about anything besides winning. That's what made him the best to play. All he wanted to do was win. That I can respect the hell out of.