Jeopardy And Wheel Of Fortune Have Decided To Halt Production For All New Episodes Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic

I would love to complain about the good folks at Jeopardy and the okay folks at Wheel Of Fortune bailing on the very few days of filming they do in a year in order to give us fresh competitive #content during these trying times. But I think we can all agree that Alex Trebek should be protected at all costs given his age, health status, and the current state of affairs while Pat Sajak should stay at what I imagine is a PREPOSTEROUSLY awesome California house instead of mingling with potential carriers considering he is 73. Yeah that's right, Pat Sajak is 73 years old. I asked Google and everything and as we know Google lies as much as ball does.

I get that each gameshow can play 1000 different reruns that I have never seen before and it will feel like new while I play along at home. But there is something special about a seeing a fresh version of Trebek catching the body of some nerd that doesn't know his sports or Sajak twisting the knife in someone who simply misread a puzzle that had every letter on the board. Or even like tonight where Sid from Big Daddy appeared to try his hand, brain, and old loose balls at the greatest gameshow on Earth.

Hopefully the powers that be at Jeopardy play nothing but the hits until we get fresh sports back in our lives. Throw some of the greatest hits of Big Brain James, Ken Jennings, and Brad Rutter before James shattered his confidence. Oh yeah and I think we need to relive the reign of Kirstin.

I also wouldn't mind a random Jeopardy show every night if for no other reason than to see the different hair of Trebek through the years.