Jimmy Graham Is Finally Clutch Again!

The streets are barren. The grocery stores are empty. Restaurants are closed. Schools are closed. People are staying inside their homes, socially isolating themselves as they wait for the inevitable moment when they run out of toilet paper/paper towels/tissues and are forced to use their socks as wiping mechanisms. In short: time's are tough. 

BUT just when you think the world may very well be coming to an end, right before you eat mac & cheese for the third night in a row... Jimmy Graham comes through in the clutch! 

Question: if you face an opposing player 4 times in 2 years and that player makes 9 catches against your defense in those 2 years, how many millions are you going to guarantee him when you sign him later? 

Answer: one million for every catch he made against you! 

Lol, what a spectacular world we live in! Regardless of whatever shit is going on, Jimmy Graham at 33 y/o is gonna get himself PAID! So what if he hasn't been the same since his last season with NO back in 2014? And so what if in the 2 years he played with him, Aaron Rodgers couldn't help Jimmy hold onto the ball? Maybe Rodgers was just too good and Mitch can help him reclaim the glory?!!!

Ahhhh da Bears. Thank you. For overpaying a man who hasn't-been in years, effectively putting a smile on the face of Packers fans everywhere both tonight and the next two seasons.

And of course, the biggest thanks to Jimmy Graham for proving me wrong and coming through with spectacular news when we needed it the most. May your paychecks continue to be as big as you are tall.