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EA SPORTS And NHL 15's Search For Barstool's Best Hockey City Continues

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Kinda gives the answer away, doesn’t it?



As we mentioned, we’ve got the ongoing battle for the best hockey city at Barstool. EA SPORTS and NHL ’15 are looking to bring the best fan from each city to Boston for a chance to compete for $1,000,  an Xbox one, and a copy of NHL ’15.

As of right now, my unbiased opinion says Boston is dominating. We’ve gotten a million tweets  that prove why #HockeyIsBetterInBoston. Everything from Cam Neely was in Dumb and Dumber (a surprisingly valid reason) to the National Anthem after the Marathon Bombing to the Stanley Cup parade pictures. It’s all gold and no other city at Barstool can compete with any of it (save for Chicago with the last one but shhhh). So keep the tweets that explain why #HockeyIsBetterInBoston coming and give yourself a chance to win.


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