Do Not Despair: At Least Spring Break is Still Going on as Scheduled

Source - Hundreds of college spring breakers have defied orders from police to stop partying on the beach after a stretch of Florida's South Beach was closed due to coronavirus fears.

Instead of returning home when the famed party strip was closed on Saturday afternoon many students continued the week of celebrations further down the coast on other parts of the beach. 

The most popular parts of the beach closed to the public from 4.30pm Saturday and are set to remain shut until March 19. ...

With 149 positive cases of coronavirus in the state of Florida, many of whom are teens or in their early twenties, the Centers for Disease Control has advised that all events with over 50 people attending should be cancelled.

Four people in the state have died from the virus. ...

Despite warning signs at the entry of the beach advising against mass gatherings and urging beach goers to practice social distancing the crowds of students continued to pour in throughout Sunday. 

Listen, there is sharing sacrifice, and then there is over-sharing. Just because the rest of us are living a spartan, hermit-like existence of isolation like we're Georgia O'Keefe with boxes of wine and Prime Video doesn't mean we should expect everyone to pay the price. 

America's college population is one of our most valuable treasures. This is a magical time in their lives that can never be repeated. You can't ask these future leaders to give up close quarters and tequila body shots and regrettable sex with strangers and keg stands and Molly and the joy of waking up in a puddle of your own sick on a befouled hotel bedspread just because you're stuck at home with your roommates or your stir crazy kids. This isn't World War II. This Greatest Generation needs their good time. And if granny gets sick because they bring a Covid-19 bomb back in their bloodstream to go along with the usual assortment of STDs, well then, I'm sure she had a good run. 

Besides, the rest of us need someone to live vicariously through. And bless them, they're providing that public service. So enjoy.

So have fun, all you amazing kids. Just wash your hands. And use a condom. But for the love of god, wash your hands.