Guy Taking A Selfie During The Running With The Bulls Gets Run Over Because That's What Should Happen


This is not a repeat of a previous blog.  People are actually still trying to take selfies while angry bulls buck around just a few feet behind them.  What makes this one better?  There’s video of it.  The last time we saw a guy doing this it was only a picture and I’m pretty sure he got away unscathed.  Not this guy.  He promptly gets run over by the angry bull because that’s what should happen to a guy like that.  Not only is it a dumb idea for obvious reasons but look how stupid he looks compared to all the other guys who are participating.  The others are yelling, clapping and taunting the bull.  Trying to get the bull all jazzed to knock some people the fuck out and what’s Selfie Guy doing?  Trying to get the best angle of himself and the bull in the same frame.  Pathetic.  Life is sprinting by this guy while his friends are in the thick of it, living every moment, trying to get gored by an animal.  That’s the worst thing about selfies.  They take you outta the moment.  How about instead of taking a picture to remember the moment you have a kick ass time without the picture and remember it that way?  That’s a novel idea.