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Penn State Fans Holding A "Joe Out" Where Everybody Dresses Like Joe Paterno Against UMass



Central Daily – Roll up the cuffs on your khaki pants. Put on your dark glasses. Tie on your black shoes. There’s going to be a “Joe-out.” Wait, what’s a Joe-out? Laurie Anne Stannell, a fourth-generation Penn State grad, wanted to see something happen to show support for late former head coach Joe Paterno. It had to be something peaceful and happy, and something that, first and foremost, said “Joe.” On Saturday, as Penn State meets the University of Massachusetts for the second home game of the season, alumni and fans like Stannell and others want to see Paterno everywhere they turn. “We want to make an impact, as Joe would say,” Stannell said. How fans do it is up to them, she said. A cardboard figure of the longtime coach, a Joe mask, a JVP hat. For many on social media, there are plans for things with the number 409, the total wins for Paterno’s coaching career before 111 victories were taken away by the NCAA as part of Penn State’s post-Sandusky penalties. “He will forever stand as a great founder of our university, shoulder to shoulder with Atherton, Beaver, Pattee, Sparks and more. There will be other coaches, other presidents, other trustees and great men in Penn State’s future, but that does not mean we should forget this one man, who made Penn State great. My family and I eagerly await the future — but we will never forget to honor Joe,” said Susan Beck Wilson. “It’s honoring our past,” she said. “We are Penn State. If that’s not JoePa then who?”

Yikes. I honestly don’t want to hate Penn State. I grew up liking Penn State. I respected their uniforms. I respected Paterno. I respected the way they played the game. I liked Penn State. Then it came out that Jerry Sandusky raped a ton of kids in the football locker room and Paterno did nothing to help stop it and it kind of turned me off to the program. Granted I didn’t think you could hold all of Penn State responsible for the actions of lack of action from a few guys.

Unfortuantly my opinion of Penn State has now changed because it appears lots of Penn State fans are actually pro child rape so I am forced to hate them. And make no mistake about it if you honor Joe Paterno that means you don’t put any blame on him at all for what happened under his watch. Not .0000001 percent. That means you didn’t read the Freeh report. That means you are ignoring the emails Paterno sent to the administration to handle Sandusky internally. That means you are ignoring the fact he let Sandusky continue to run a kids camp on campus after he knew of allegations against him. That means you are ignoring the fact he did nothing after Mike McQuery told him he saw Sandusky raping a kid in the shower. In other words it means you think football is more important than protecting kids from getting raped in the showers just like JoePa did. It also means you are a delusional psychopath and unfortunately are giving Penn State no chance to move on from one of the greatest scandals in the history of college sports. That’s the crazy part. Truthfully the best way to honor Joe Paterno and what he built at Penn State is to forget about him. Because until then football will always take a back seat to the crazies who want to bring up his name and remind people of all the atrocities that happened during his tenure.  The bottomline is that as long as there is controversy about Joe Paterno the only thing people will think about is Sandusky raping kids in the showers.