Aaron Craft Being Locked Down In Italy Is Now Officially My #1 Concern

Oh how the turntables have turned. This coronavirus is becoming quite the great equalizer. Aaron Craft used to lock down the other teams best player, and now Aaron Craft is literally locked down inside his apartment. I honestly forgot he was in Italy throughout this entire pandemic fiasco, but now that him posting a video from Italy has reminded me, he is officially my #1 concern.

I demand some Hunger Games district 13 type shit from our government to go in and rescue Ohio's hardest working treasure. Could you imagine if something happened to Aaron Craft? Forget the governor saying that no one in Ohio can go outside, no one would ever want to go outside again. Where would anyone find happiness in life without being able to watch Aaron Craft pickpocket supposed superstars and take charges and get them in foul trouble and just do all of the things that win you games that never show up in the scorebook. He was the  great white hope who proved to America that even if you weren't 6'7 and couldn't jump out of the gym, there was still a place for you in Naismith's great game. He showed the world that it's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog that really mattered. I could watch Aaron Craft highlights until mid-June and not get bored (might have to):

If you don't like Aaron Craft on the basketball court, you're an idiot. But if you don't like Aaron Craft the person, you have no soul.

I plan on this being my last season of basketball and I thought I had 11 games left to really finish strong. However, it’s not really looking like I’m going to get the opportunity to end it how I hoped.

But it’s times like this I’m so glad that my hope, my identity and my value is not based on my basketball skill, the last game I played or future performance. And I’m so grateful that God assigns me my value, identify and gives me hope through his son Jesus, and not based on anything that I do. I pray that you have this hope too. Let’s all stay safe and let’s get through this together.

Nailed it, as usual. Well not like "nailed it" like a jump shot....because that wouldn't be as usual. But "nailed it" like did and said the right thing. 

Anyways, stay safe out there, Aaron. We'll get you home here soon.