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EA SPORTS And NHL '15 Are Wondering What Barstool City Is The Best Hockey City. Obviously The Answer Is Boston.

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EA SPORTS And NHL ’15 Is Looking For The Biggest Hockey Fan In Boston

So with the release of NHL 15, EA SPORTS is trying to find the best hockey city in the country.  It seems silly, I agree. Why set these other cities up to get embarrassed? Is hockey better in Boston, New York, Chicago, DC, or Philly? Gee, I don’t know. Which city has an Original Six team and the Beanpot? Where is pond hockey and dad’s waking you up at 4 AM for practice  a rite of passage? Where do millions flood the streets for Stanley Cup parades? C’mon, it’s Boston. No brainer.

But, we have to have this contest anyway. We have to prove to the other cities what we  already know, when it comes to hockey it’s Boston then everybody else. So tweet us why #HockeyIsBetterInBoston, each city will have one reader picked as the winner. Winners will travel to Boston to compete in a tournament (hotel/travel paid for). The winner of the tourney gets an Xbox One, a copy of NHL ’15 and an extra $1,000. So let us know why #HockeyIsBetterInBoston, I’ll start… It’s better because duh.
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