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Remembering The Time I Toured With An Anti-Drug Show Choir

Hi y'all, Jourdyn here from the Barstool Indy crew. With so many people stuck home in uncertain times I figured I'd toss my hat in the blogging game & give you something to either enjoy or mercilessly roast... 

To understand me you must first grasp that I spent kindergarten through 8th grade at a very small Christian school. This sheltered environment felt like the best thing for me, but it was actually pretty detrimental to my social well being and played a tremendous role (still does actually) in my development as a normal person. 

I'm sure you've heard of 'Catholic guilt'... well multiply that by 1,000. To this day I still make decisions based off of how I think God will feel about them, and it's often not even important decisions.

I think my parents sensed something was up and decided to send me to a public high school to integrate me with the normal kids, but I couldn't just jump in cold turkey. I had to get acclimated somehow. And just how did I do that? 

.....By joining an anti-drug show choir that traveled around public schools sharing the evils of the devil's lettuce through the magic of jazz hands. 

What I regret most about this experience is not so much my participation in it, but the fact that there is no video footage of my performances. The photos only tell half the story. What you can't see is me pretending to be a drug dealer with a bag of oregano. You can't hear my voice crack as I sing a ballad about drinking my first beer. It's a shame really. But at least we have these photos.

As you can imagine this artistic endeavor paid off in some ways... I got to tour every public school in the county. I rode a school bus for the first time. I'm pretty sure I stopped all teens in America from ever doing drugs. I even got a cute, older boy to touch my leg. 

But then there were some negatives like the embarrassment I felt dancing about pill abuse in a quiet gymnasium. And oh yeah, being labeled the biggest NARC by everyone I didn't know and losing the possibility of being anyone's top friend on MySpace. Totally kidding ( I wasn't allowed to have MySpace). 

So did it work? I actually think it did. I loved public school. And although high school wasn't the best 4 years of my life, it was certainly my most challenging in the best way. Plus it was my big break into showbiz...

Also, as you may have noticed, one face is not blurred in all these pictures. And although our sexual tension is palpable, Caleb and I were only ever just friends. He now lives in LA where he makes fitness videos for his 2 million Youtube subscribers, and I'm happy to say I've been there since the beginning. 

Enjoy this extremely uncomfortable video of me in ill-fitting camo shorts which somehow now has 3.7 million views.

P.S. After public high school I went to a Christian college where dancing was not allowed. A real life Footloose of sorts! A fellow student even told on me and emailed this video to my college advisor and a meeting was had. But that's a story for another time.