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Parents and Coaches Battle it Out at a Youth Football Practice with Guns



WICHITA, Kan. (AP) Police say an argument between parents and a coach at a junior football league practice in Kansas escalated into a fight involving gunfire. Police say one man complained that his son was not getting enough playing time during Monday evening’s practice at Linwood Park in Wichita. Then six men surrounded the coach and started punching him. Police say one of the parents was armed with brass knuckles and another indicated he had a gun. Then the coach’s wife pulled out a gun and fired a shot into the air. Police say the coach subsequently went to his car where he retrieved a second gun and threatened the men with it. His assailants fled before officers arrived and confiscated both guns.

The person who first said “Violence never solved anything” was obviously never involved in Youth Football.  Because frankly this is exactly how you solve a playing time issue.  I mean most parents whose kids are riding out the season on the sidelines bitch and moan to each other.  They drive home and tell their precious little angel how unfair it all is and threaten to email the commissioner to complain but never back it up.  Then you get those few misguided souls who actually bring their gripe to the coaches.  But then the second they walk away we just laugh at them for thinking their kid is a superstar and call him a pussy for letting his parents fight his battles and bury him further on the depth chart.  Believe me I’ve dealt with that for years and I’ll take the gunplay any day; it’s a much better, directer way to address things.  Nothing says “All our issues are on the table” like a 6-on-1 beatdown with brass knuckles and the coach’s wife coming back with the ol’ peacemaker.  Just settle the issue like adults, then you can move on and focus on winning game.   It’s the best thing for the kids, the best thing for the parents, and the best thing for the program.  If Linwood Park doesn’t win their conference this year at least, I’ll be shocked.  @JerryThornton1