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DraftKings Fantasy Baseball Qualifier With $75,000 Prize Pool And $27 Entry Fee Is Here

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Here we go!  Time to win some money again.  This DarftKings is a little different than in the past because it’s a 3-day qualifier but you’re all smart.  You can figure it out.  $27 entry fee and 3-days.  After Day the top 750 scorers advance.  After Day 2 the top 150 advance.  Fantasy baseball qualifier, $75,000 prize pool, get into it.

Contest details:

– 3-Day Survivor Fantasy Baseball Championship Qualifier

– $75,000 Prize Pool

– $27 entry fee, 3150 total entries

– Day 1: Top 750 fantasy scorers advance

– Day 2: Top 150 fantasy scorers advance

– Top 150 paid out- if you make it to the final day you automatically win money

– First place wins a seat in the $3.3M Baseball Championship in Atlantis ($54, 500 value)