Dude Pops An Epic Wheelie Right In The Face Of Some Tour de France Riders


In the words of our very own Kevin Clancy, cocky.  So goddamn cocky.  Maybe the cockiest move ever.  There’s a fine line between super awesome and hardo and this guy toed that line perfectly.  Just no respect for the riders whatsoever.  Stealing all of their shine for one fleeting moment.  The enjoyment I got from watching that video was a lot.  I wouldn’t be opposed to a journalist tracking down that wheelie pimp and diving into his life story.  I want to know everything about him.  What does he eat for breakfast?  Where does he sleep?  What brought him up to the very moment when he popped a wheelie in the faces of Tour de France riders and stole the whole show?  That’s what I want to know and for the world to find out.  Every fiber of my being hopes he’s a washed up cyclist who never got a chance to compete in the Tour de France and this was him getting revenge.



h/t imgur