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Spencer Dinwiddie Just Saved The NBA Season

Hey Spencer Dinwiddie

I mean holy shit. That idea sounds INCREDIBLE. Frankly I haven't heard an idea nearly as good as that thread. Knowing there's a slim possibility that we actually get to see the final stretch of the regular season plus a full postseason, all then other options I've heard have kind of stunk. Just jumping into the playoffs is lame since all the seeding is so close, shit changes every night and that could heavily impact someone's potential run. Playing all the way into August is interesting I guess, but how does that work with the Olympics and free agency and all that shit. This idea right here? Fantastic. You get a little bit of regular season basketball to help finalize standings and get everyone warmed up which leads directly into a full league tournament.  Sounds pretty awesome to me. 

It gives us all a little March Madness feel that we desperately need since that was ripped away from us this year, the league and owners make their money, every single round would be worth watching, this is about as no brainer as it gets. I'm sure there are logistics and shit for the league to figure out, but Dinwiddie just gave us the perfect starting point. He's a whole hell of a lot smarter than me so I'm going to trust in his judgement on this one. I see no reason why this can't be the solution that the league is currently searching for. Who would oppose this? Here's just one of the many reasons this is genius. We'd get Zion in the "playoffs"  where if you look at that bracket and assume things stay where they are there's potential for a Zion/LeBron bracket matchup. You don't think the league wants that or TV networks want that? Of course they do. You become the hero league that not only saved the NBA season but found a way to combine it with the need we all have to fill out brackets and have some form of March Madness in our lives. Adam Silver would cement himself as the great commissioner of all time for such an achievement.

So thank you Spencer. Thank you from the bottom of my basketball missing heart. You've done it, you've saved the NBA and Adam Silver better fucking listen to you. We need this.