Guy Found Obama's Golf Ball Deep In The Woods At Congressional Day After The President Played There

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.19.09 AM


Yahoo Sports- Just like millions of us, President Barack Obama loves golf. The only problem is, he isn’t the best at the game. That doesn’t stop Obama from teeing it up, and when you aren’t the best golfer, that means losing a golf ball or two per round (to be fair, even the best in the world can hit a shot that is never found).  For you and I, losing a golf ball means somebody, at some time, will pick up our lost ball and either toss it back in the woods or decide to use it. When Obama is involved, that person takes a photo of the personalized Titleist and it goes viral. An Instagram user named “larrydoh” posted this image after digging this ball out at Congressional on Sunday, and it’s pretty hard not to identify this one as one used by the president.

Looks like Barry O is just like us!  Doesn’t matter whether your job has you stuck in the cube all day or you’re a smut blogger or you’re the most powerful man in the world, turns out we all suck at golf.  We all are just out there hacking and hoping for the best.  Or at least put one in the woods every once in awhile.  He also just like us (or me) in the sense that when he hits a ball into the woods he can’t be bothered to go look for it.  Maybe make a lap with your cart near where the ball went in but nothing more than that.  Drop a new ball and keep it moving.  Nothing worse than the guys in the group ahead of you who spend 6 hours looking for their ball because it’s special to them.  The game isn’t so serious that you need to finish a round with the same amount you started with.  I know that, you know that and Barack Obama knows that.

Anyway, nice little souvenir for this random golfer.  Do you play the ball or keep it and never use it?  Probably the latter but it’d be pretty cool to say you’re playing with the golf ball of an American president.  Until you lose it.