The NCAA Is Actually Making A Smart Decision: Spring Sport Athletes Are Getting An Extra Year Of Eligibility, Reviewing If They Can Do It For Hoops Too

This might the sign of the world truly ending here. The NCAA is actually making a smart decision. They are giving all the spring sport athletes another year of eligibility. They are pretty much getting their entire seasons taken away and it's just wrong to think that would cost them one of their 4 years of college sports. Obviously each person has their own decision to make if they use it or not, but it's at least there. That's a massive step in the right direction.

But then there's the chance that college hoops players might get another year. 

This is where it gets really confusing and interesting. I 100% am cool with players getting another year of eligibility. We were robbed of not getting to see Myles Powell, Markus Howard, the ETSU guys, Cassius Winston, etc., of playing in the NCAA Tournament. Do you know how awesome it would have been to see Myles Powell get hot as a senior and lead Seton Hall to a Final Four? Or any senior you can fill in the blank here. I'm all for them getting another chance if they want to put pro hoops on hold for a year. 

On the other hand, I have no idea how it would logistically. First, the NCAA would have to approve that teams can have more than the scholarship amount. What happens with JuCo transfers, transfers that sat out this past year and even freshmen coming in that pick a place based on who they are playing with? In a way you almost have to open up the ability to have a free transfer too and not have to sit out if you choose. 

But when talking transfers, what if Myles Powell or another senior wanted to transfer? They'd technically be a grad transfer, would they be able to go to their next college without penalty? There's a ton of moving parts here that the NCAA is going to have to figure out, but I'm thrilled they are at least exploring the possibility of letting these guys come back for another year if they want. Obviously some will take the pro career, but who does it hurt to let them play a 5th year? 

I can't believe this is even being talked about. We're supposed to be watching arguably the best day of conference tournament week. Fuck.