Maybe Kinda Hot Irish Chick Has No Idea How Long It Would Take To Travel 80 Miles At 80 MPH


First of all, I can’t tell if this girl is hot or not.  I think she kind of is but then the Irish accent blinds me completely.  I’m a sucker for accents especially Irish ones.  British or Irish accents give girls at least a 2 point bump on the 1-10 scale.  A 4 turns into a 6 and a 6 turns into an 8 and so on and so forth. That’s not very scientific because I just made it up.  Second, come on lady.  How long does it take to travel 80 miles when you’re going 80 MPH?  That’s a lay up.  Even I knew the answer to that and I’m a legit moron.  I failed pretty much every math class I ever took.  But the answer is literally in the question.  It takes an hour.  She’s lucky she’s kinda sorta maybe hot because if there’s a group of people in this world who can get by without knowing simple math, it’s hot girls.  2 + 2 could elude them their entire lives and they’d still have a place in society.  It’s the sideline reporter argument all over again.

If we’re being honest, the Mom stole the show here.  She’s absolutely furious that here own kid can’t figure out a simple math problem.  Hard to understand exactly what she’s saying but something to the effect of “You’re a fucking moron and I can’t believe I raised such a stupid person.”