If You're Going To Be Stuck Self-Quarantining All Weekend, You Might As Well Make Some Whiskey Marinated Ribeye

If you recall from yesterday, I have decided that I will be pivoting to covering barbecue now that there are no sports to watch for at least the next month or so. Barbecue is kind of similar to sports where there are so many different styles the same where there are so many different sports. Now if I had to choose just one style, I'd be a fan of Central Texas style barbecue. I love the tank style cookers, I love low and slow, I think it's the best way to get the job done. And if Central Texas style was like the golf of barbecue, my guy Kosmo's Q over here would be like the NASCAR. Total opposite ends of the spectrum, but both are still great so who cares?

Anyway, social distancing is a big thing right now. Cities are banning large gatherings of people. And really it's just a chance to finally not have to feel bad about just staying home all weekend to eat and drink by yourself or maybe with just a few friends. Having to cancel all of these sporting events obviously sucks, but nothing is better than just being able to relax at home without feeling like you're missing out on anything by not going out. And chances are that by now, you've already stocked up on everything you need to not have to leave the house this weekend. By that I mean mostly just mean the essentials, which are alcohol and some food. 

So hopefully you've already got your quarantine whiskey stocked up. I know it might be hard to pour some of it into a steak marinade instead of into the glass you're holding in your hand, but it'll be worth it. And hopefully the doomsday preppers haven't completely wiped out all of the ribeyes at wherever you get your meat (they're too busy buying toilet paper to care about the ribeye). You should already have garlic at home because you can never have enough garlic. You should really already have brown sugar at home if you're an adult. And maybe you already have some dijon in the fridge from a while ago. Either way, not a ton of ingredients here and now you can go ahead and treat yourself to the best self-quarantine meal anybody could dream of. Eat up.