Paul Pogba Reminds Everyone That We Should 'Dab To Beat Coronavirus'

I guess this works? I wouldn't know. I'm more of an old school guy when it comes to sneezing. Just a casual raise of the arm, cough and/or sneeze in the elbow technique. Nothing to write home about, nothing too flashy. 

I was was never a big dab guy either. Sure, I'd bust one out on a special occasion. In a big moment, perhaps. But by no means was I an every day dabber, like most kids in my age circa 2015/16. The halls of my school were literally a hotspot for dabbing, there weren't many kids who weren't dabbing constantly. During those times, if you so much as turned a corner the wrong way, you were catching a dab directly in your face. There is no coming back from a dab in the face. I just never had the guts to do it.

Paul Pogba, however, is a big fan of dabbing.

And he has turned the coronavirus-prevention game on its fucking head. 

Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Not only are you looking fucking baller performing a dab in the year two thousand and twenty, but you're protecting everyone else from your germs while doing. That's what's important. Might as well look cool when everyone on the street turns and stares at you for coughing. 

The important part is that you cover up in a responsible matter, and that's what Pogba is promoting. You can't have people going around and just coughing all willy nilly in the air in the middle of a global pandemic centered around an airborne virus. I know it seems like common knowledge but there are a lot of dumb and disgusting people in this world who need a reminder.

I guess we all just gotta dab our way through this thing. Anytime we have to cough or sneeze we just absolutely dab our faces off. I'm not necessarily opposed to it, I'll just have to adapt and learn how to look cool whilst dabbing. Like these guys:

The Premier League has been affected greatly by the coronavirus as it was reported that Chelsea's Callum Hudson-Odoi and Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta have tested positive for coronavirus. It's pretty crazy to think about how many players and personnel have probably come in contact with both of them and how many of them have been exposed to COVID-19. Hopefully, it didn't spread amongst the teams and even the league, but only time will tell. 

It's actually good to see a player like Pogba come out and at least give people a way to help prevent the spread of the virus. These are wild times and it's good to see someone with a platform like him speak out about prevention. I just hope we can get back to regularly scheduled programming soon and we can resume everything.