After Every Sport In The Country Was Shut Down Yesterday, Post Malone Decided To Have His Concert In Denver In Front Of 18,000 People

The NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, college sports, tennis, and golf have all cancelled their games and events moving forward because of the coronavirus outbreak. Smart people have told us that the only way to slow this down and allow hospitals and health care to catch up is to avoid large crowds and to practice social distancing as best you can. The goal right now is to not become Italy. Just don't be Italy. Seems reasonable. 

So what did Post Malone do last night? He held a concert in Denver to a packed house as if there wasn't a massively contagious virus attacking the whole world. The Pepsi Center holds 18,000 people and it looks like it was filled to the brim last night. Practically every state has issued an order to not allow gatherings over 1,000 people. Denver is out here with 18,000 person crowds with not a care in the world. That's fucking insanity. I mean just disregarding everything we've been telling the country like this won't make things worse. I guess it's cool to be a rebel when the whole world is collapsing!

Do I come off as a pussy in this blog? 100%, but hey I don't know what the hell is going on with this virus. Every time I check Twitter something worse pops up. Italy seems like a bad fucking place to be right now and I feel like we're only a few weeks away from that shit. I just know that if we're cancelling every single sport in America (except UFC) maybe don't hold a concert with 18,000 people. Listen I love Post Malone but maybe reschedule this concert for a later date when the massive pandemic around the world quiets down and we figure shit out. Just a thought.