We Have Our First 2020 'One Shining Moment' Coronavirus Edition Video And We All Need To Laugh To Keep From Crying

Fuck it, we're all sad. We don't have the NCAA Tournament, we don't have the 4 best days in sports, we don't have the upsets and buzzer beaters. We also don't have One Shining Moment, but this video at least gave us a start. Granted, it's flat out mean. Watching this I was this notorious gif in real life. 

Fuck, we just need to get through this together. We'll be blogging anything and everything. Obviously college hoops blogs will be limited to say the least in March, but you got a topic you want to read, send over. In the mean time I'm gonna get back to watching some old games on my TV and trick my stupid brain into this being the worst dream ever.