Fuck It, Lets Watch A Whole Bunch Of "One Shining Moment" Videos To Numb The Pain

Blogger's Note: I blogged this yesterday but didn't publish it until when a good chunk of cube monkeys on the East coast were out of work. So I'm republishing now to get whoever didn't see it yet through the rest of this Friday and if you complain about more One Shining Moment videos, you are a goddamn asshole

Look, I'm sad, you're sad, everybody with a soul is sad (Yes, I am saying you are soulless if you don't love March Madness). But everything happens for a reason or some shit, so we have to move on I guess. Or life is just a bunch of random occurrences and we are living in our darkest timeline. You know what? Lets just ignore that negative nancy talk and focus on moving on. 

Before we move on though, we have to say goodbye to the college hoops season with a One Shining Moment. So watch the Best Of montage above or any/all of the ones below, cry it out, and lets figure out what else we are going to watch/bet/talk about for the next month or so.

You can pick any of the 1987-2017 One Shining Moment videos by clicking the menu in the upper-right hand corner