A Swarm Of Bugs So Big Flew Over The Mississippi River Yesterday That Weather Radars Thought It Was A Massive Storm

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Daily Mail- Mayflies have started to emerge from the Mississippi River in swarms so large that they show up on radar like thunderstorms. The insects emerge in large numbers to mate, lay eggs and die, all in less than 48 hours. They leave behind a slimy mess which has been blamed for at least one car crash this week in Wisconsin. The National Weather Service captured a massive swarm on radar on Sunday night as the flies came out of the river and drifted north on the wind. The radar system picks up energy reflected off the flies, with the image’s intensity reflecting the density of the bugs. A loop recorded on Sunday shows yellow patches directly over the river that morph into a green band as the flies drift north. The bugs become blue dots as they disperse. A second, smaller swarm recorded on Thursday night starts as a green band before exploding like fireworks into blue dots. The flies hatch and then spend a year burrowed into the sediment on the bottom of the river that serves as a border between Wisconsin and Minnesota. They emerge the next summer to mate, lay eggs and die, all in less than 48 hours.

Well that’s fucking gross.  What the hell is going on in Wisconsin?  Whatever it is it better not find it’s way to Iowa.  I’m not sure what’s more gross about this, that the bugs lay eggs and die within 48 hours and leave behind a slimy mess that causes car accidents or that there’s so many of them that they show up as massive thunderstorms on weather radars.  I guess either way that’s gross.  Call me a pussy all you want but bugs are nasty and terrifying.  You see the picture of that thing up there, right?  Now imagine a gang of those fucking things terrorizing small towns and cities across the Midwest.  Causing car accidents and showing up on radars.  I saw that the north east part of the country got hit by a tornado today and everybody is super confused and scared.  I’ll take a tornado ripping through my town over a flock of slim spewing bugs any day of the week.  At least I know what to do when swirling winds come around.  Go to the basement (or sit in the garage and drink beer and ride it out).  But when swarms of evil bugs attack?  No clue.  All I know to do then is cry.