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Charles Barkley Went On TV Today And Pretty Much Begged For The NCAA To Cancel March Madness

It's not surprising that Charles Barkley came out and said this. He even admitted he'll probably get in trouble and that it's not his billion dollar check to write, but with everything going on it's not surprising this is the feeling. Barkley and others have brought up a valid point though. This is a massive argument for NCAA players to get paid. They are 'amateurs' and while their schools are being shut down for 'public health concerns' they are being put out to play. Obviously as a fan I support this, but it's still a crazy that this is all going on with everything else in sports seemingly getting canceled. 

We've had the NCAA Tournament every year since 1939. That's what makes this all tough to wrap my head around. I never would have imagined this happening with all the crazy shit we've seen in the world. Again, we're talking about 'amateurs' here where their respective schools are being canceled. That's what makes the decision to have everything still go on as planned incredibly surprising. 

Nobody wants the NCAA Tournament to happen more than me but I don't know how the NCAA gets there. It feels like at the minimum they'll be pressured (lack of a better word) to postpone or cancel because of everything else in sports. If there's another Fred Hoiberg situation it feels like they'll shut down because of that. Ultimately if one person associated with any team here, especially a player, tests positive it's going to be a massive fallout for the NCAA. 

As a fan, here's hoping we get to see hoops though.