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Happy 25th Anniversary To The Filthiest Move In College Hoops History

Take your dunks, take your no look passes, take your Kemba stepback. Nothing compares to this.

March 12, 1995 is a day that I’ll never forget. Seven year old Reags sitting in his family room locked in to the ACC Tournament, watching his dad's Wake Forest Demon Deacons. Something magical happened that day, folks. Something called the Randolph Childress come hither:

That is the most disrespectful move we’ll ever see on a basketball court. Randolph Childress making Jeff McInnis  flop around like a fish out of water. You had Dean Smith notoriously screaming for a technical. All of this as Childress not only embarrassed McInnis but the buried the shot in front of the UNC bench. I mean to have the balls to give the get up and defend this is just unreal. Throw in that that happened in the goddamn ACC Championship game too and really set the tone as this happened with about 6 minutes to go in the first half.

I don't know how much basketball we have left to watch this season, so let's remember the good times. This run in 95 by Childress was arguably the greatest one we've seen in conference tournaments. 

As someone who decided to wear 22 my entire life strictly because of this play, I hereby declare March 12 a national holiday. Now, if you excuse me I have some 1995 videos to watch and cry because basketball might be over.