Nebraska Is Now Being Quarantined In Its Locker Room After Fred Hoiberg Was Sent To The Hospital For Leaving Tonight's Game Feeling Sick

Yep, that'll do it. This was probably the final straw for the NCAA as Nebraska is now quarantined in its own locker room in Indianapolis. Fred Hoiberg decided to coach tonight's game despite not feeling well earlier today. He had to go to the locker room with 4 minutes to go and is now at the hospital. 

Just one of the craziest, weirdest days on the Internet and in sports that I can remember. Felt quiet for the entire morning regarding college hoops and then at 3pm everything just started to go all over the place. We had the NCAA come out and say they are playing the Tournament in front of no fans. We had Ohio's Governor say he was signing an executive order to make sure that happened. Now you have Nebraska being quarantined.