Fred Hoiberg Decided To Coach Tonight's Big 10 Tournament Game While Sick Annndddddd He Had To Leave The Bench Mid-Game

Yeah, so this isn't great. What are we doing here? I can't stress this enough - well at least I thought I couldn't. Don't be an asshole, no matter what your profession is. If you don't feel well right now just stay home. Do everyone a favor, slap on some sweats, put on Netflix and just chill out. I get that Fred Hoiberg wants to coach his team, but his team just added two football players for the Big 10 Tournament. Maybe just sit it out in the hotel room if you're not feeling great. 

It just feels like a matter of time until the NCAA Tournament gets canceled. I can't believe I'm saying this. 32+ years on this Earth and all the crazy shit that's happened here, yet it's something called the coronavirus that's shutting down March Madness and sports in general. Just hard to wrap my head around that alone. 

But this is scary. Hoiberg looks like shit here as he's slumped over on the bench. Hopefully he's okay and it's just the flu, as weird as that is to say, but with everything else going on from Tom Hanks to Rudy Gobert and everyone in between who knows.