The NHL Declares THE SHOW GOES ON!!!!

God bless the NHL. I mean what did we expect would happen? The NHL will wait until every player is curled up in the fetal position on their couch before cancelling the season because a little virus. Brad Marchand might have to keep his tongue to himself, but besides that, seems like it'll be business as usual for the league. 

Is it the right decision? I dunno, man. Probably not. It probably cannot be worth putting people into the position where they need to choose between the money they've spent on tickets and their peace of mind. I'm not even talking about their health, but just the peace of mind knowing they don't have to risk anything to go to an arena full of people shouting and spitting. People hate wasting money so it puts fans in such a bad place when the league doesn't postpone the season. 

I don't like giving in to fear, but this thing is real and it ain't going away any time soon, so I think we're past the point of thinking it's all hype. So if the NHL suspends the season for a week or two and that helps health leaders contain corona, a lot more potential good can come of it. The downside is way, way too much of a downer to risk it.