J.A. Adande Thinks You Actually Shouldn't Be Refunded For Your NCAA Tournament Tickets

So it certainly appears J.A. Adande thinks people who spent money on NCAA Tournament tickets should not get their money back and it should instead go to arena workers. Some people seem to think this Tweet could instead be referencing the Golden State Warriors games which will occur with nobody in the stands, but it came shortly after Adam Kilgore of the Washington post reported Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine was issuing a mandate which would see at least the First Four in Dayton and Round of 64 games in Cleveland be played with no fans.

Regardless of whether Adande is talking about the NCAA Tournament or the Golden State Warriors, his argument is one of the more ridiculous things I've seen recently.

I'm done saying anything is the dumbest thing I've read on Twitter, because I will always be proven wrong very shortly thereafter, but I'm definitely going to say Adande's Tweet is an all-timer. Probably top 20.

Adande doesn't actually believe this. He wanted the attention he knew this take would receive, so I guess he succeeded. But speaking as someone who spent a lot of money on a ticket to the Sweet Sixteen in New York, no, you don't get to just keep that money. I mean, who in the actual hell thinks that's how anything works?

I could appreciate a legitimate argument of the ilk of J.A.'s, because I certainly understand that people who work in arenas are generally not as well off as the people attending events in those venues and this situation will obviously affect them. But it's not like every person at these games is rich. I'd imagine if Dayton made it to the Final Four, there would be plenty of Dayton Flyers fans who would spend a lot of money they otherwise wouldn't have on a trip to Atlanta to see their team in a spot it may not be in again for a long time.

This is probably the only time I've ever agreed with Matt Jones in my life.

And it's not even like Adande's argument holds any water regardless of its sincerity anyway. Not everybody spent $4,000 to sit courtside. There are many people who bought $150 upper level tickets for whom that's a lot of money, but they did it because they care about their teams and wanted to watch them play.

I'm mostly just upset the NCAA Tournament is actually going to be played without fans. I understand why it's happening, but man, it's going to be weird. I guess we'll all find out what an empty Final Four looks like together.

Just please give me my money back.