Positive Vibes Only: How To React To This Report Saying A 'Total Cancellation Of The NCAA Tournament Is Definitely A Possibility'

It's March, we're officially a positive vibes only company. That's why we're going to see this report and not freak out. We're going to spin zone this into how to properly react to this statement. We're going to focus on the positives here and will into existence nothing happening with our beloved tournament. 

First - no shit they are saying this! What are they supposed to do here? Just act like everything is a-okay. They tried that already last Sunday and it's extremely backfired. 

They wouldn't be doing due diligence in saying anything else. Everything regarding the NCAA Tournament should be a possibility. Hell, it could be a possibility that half the tournament is played exactly as we know it. Again, it's a report from one conference official. It's not like they are saying this is likely. They aren't saying this is what they are hearing. Just a possibility that it could happen. 

Second, if this were likely, why are they playing conference tournaments still? They should be cancelling all of these right now if that was the case. IF and I stress IF this was the likely outcome there's absolutely ZERO point in playing conference tournaments. If these all go on, there's a good chance the NCAA Tournament goes on. 

Finally, do you know the sort of backlash that would happen? We saw what happened with the Ivy League cancelling its conference tournament. Now multiple that by a million. I know the NCAA has a rainy day fund, essentially insurance for all revenue if the tournament were to get cancelled. But with how much people hate the NCAA already, this would just flat out end it. 

Again, we're positive vibes only here. We're going to watch hoops next week. It might (likely) be in front of limited crowds, but we need to will this into existence. No negative thoughts. Again, this is something they HAVE to say right now. But the more that games go on and the closer we get to the Tournament, the tougher it will be to straight up cancel the event.

That said, if it gets cancelled I will riot. I will join Big Cat in his promise. I will drive to Indy and riot with everyone else. We demand basketball. We demand brackets.