Guy Creates A Giant Ass-Shaped Fart Machine, Aims It At France And Lets It Rip


Daily Mail- Colin Furze – the eccentric inventor behind the X-men Wolverine claws, magnetic shoes, flamethrower and more – is at it again. This time, he’s developed a machine to replicate the sound a fart makes, and pointed it towards France from Dover. A valveless pulsejet was used to create the incredibly loud sound, which apparently was heard by two people in Calais – 26 miles (42km) away across the English Channel. In the video 34-year-old Furze and a crowd of fans gather to watch the device in action. The father-of-one ignites the gas inside the jet which begins the combustion process inside the jet. This creates a noise that Furze says ‘kind of sounds like a fart from a distance.’ The device used in the video is a valveless pulse jet. A pulse jet engine is a lightweight form of jet propulsion. Within a pipe it allows combustion to occur in pulses with little or not input from the user.


You’re probably asking yourself, “Why?”  Why would a guy put effort towards building a giant ass-shaped fart machine and aim it at France?  It seems like a super weird thing to do.  Nobody anywhere is saying it’s a thing that needs to be done.  We could not have a guy do this and the world wouldn’t miss a beat.  Well I would counter with “Why not?”  We all have a different calling in life.  Some people are meant to be doctors, some people are meant to be lawyers and then some people are born to wake up one morning and say “My purpose on this planet is to let out a giant fart at France.”  And then they simply go to work on it.  No time for asking why or if it will work or if it even makes sense.  You simply drop everything, put your head down and go to work on it.  There’s clearly an audience for it.  Did you see how many people came out to watch a giant ass launch farts at France?  A bunch!  When they found out it actually made a noise across the English Channel it was like The Beatles had gotten together again for a reunion tour.  Some of there loudest cheers you’ll ever here.  Well I say good for this guy.  He made something nobody knew they wanted and still had the masses going crazy.  Good for him.

PS- Sometimes I wonder what my parents really think of my job as a blogger.  But then I write a blog about a giant ass-shaped fart machine and I know they’re proud.