High School Student Gets In Trouble, Sent Home For Selling Hand Sanitizer at School


A teenager was sent home from school after being caught selling shots of hand sanitiser to his fellow pupils at 50p a go.

His mother, Jenny Tompkins, from Leeds, posted a picture of him arriving home earlier after his entrepreneurial exploits at Dixons Unity Academy.

In a post on Facebook, she said it was hard to discipline her son when his "dad called to say he was a legend".

He plans to use the £9 he made to buy a kebab, she added.

Personally, I see no problem here.

This lad is just tryna make a quick buck. It's not his fault that a global pandemic happened to break out around the same time he fired up his hand sanitizer business. It's a mere coincidence. Besides, I don't see the harm in slinging a lil hand sani in times like these. People are pretty much drinking the stuff since it has become so vital to human life. Supply and demand like you read about.

The only thing is... what fucking kid is coughing up 50¢ for fucking hand sanitizer? Sure, the Coronavirus is running rampant, scaring the daylights out of most adults. But these are high school students. They don't give a single fuck about germs, much less spending their money on some hand sanitizer. 

50¢ was good enough to buy one (1) chocolate chips/M&M cookie. I'm not too sure about you guys but I, for one, would 1000% drop the money on the cookie. Not that I think I'm some tough guy who thinks he can beat COVID-19, rather I'd just think my money would be better spent on the cookie. Fifty cents is a little steep, too. For a single squirt? Yeah, too much for me. Every classroom you walk in has hand sanitizer... for free. Unlimited pumps. Not to mention that the sink in the bathroom is also free.

Also, very funny that he went through all this trouble for a $9 kebab. He got into - presumably - big trouble for dealing black market purell, all for a kebab. What a world. The dad calling him 'legendary' is accurate thinking about it. It's gotta be one of those moments as a dad where you look at your kid and say to yourself "this kid gets it." It's certainly a lot better than getting a phone call finding out he was dealing drugs. 

Hopefully, the school recognizes that this incident was truly a non-issue and doesn't do something stupid like expelling this kid for selling a little hand sanitizer. That would be the worst possible situation and I would be on the front line defending this kid.

PS - with all this hand sanitizer talk, all I can think of is Frank Reynolds covering himself in hand sanitizer because he "just wanted to be pure." Classic.