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PepsiCo Buys Rockstar As The Energy War Heats Up

Disclaimer: I don't really know if there's an energy war or if Rockstar being bought by PepsiCo would heat it up, but I enjoy reading about businesses competing so here we go.

The deal went down for a reported $3.85 billion dollars which is a shit ton of money. So much money that got me thinking how in the hell are these energy drink companies splitting the pie? I mean there's Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, Bang, amonst a shit ton of other lower end brands that I know people buy just because they're a bargain. The whole thing just kinda blows my mind to be honest. I know there's a shit ton of pop flavors, but I wouldn't necessarily align energy drinks with those because people aren't just cracking these open with their dinner, right?

Sure, the bar industry is probably responsible for a large consumption of them, but for all of these to not only be surviving but seemingly be thriving was just fascinating to me. This isn't me being an energy drink hater either. I'll mix em in when I need a pick me up and I also enjoy them mixed with vodka occasionally at the bar. But, $3.85 billion sure did make me get out of my chair when I saw it this morning.

And that was Eddie talking about the energy drink business.