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Harvard Just Canceled The Entire Rest Of Their Hockey Season Due To Coronavirus

According to hockey reporter Mark Divver, the Harvard Hockey team will not be playing in the ECAC tournament and has canceled the rest of their season. This comes just one day after the Ivy League shut down their entire conference basketball tournament due to coronavirus concerns. Cornell also came out earlier this week, saying they would play Round 1 of the ECAC tournament without fans, but Harvard just went full cuncel and said "fuck it, seasons over."

I said it in my blog of the Connecticut High School Hockey tournament being cancelled and I'll say it again. This sucks. Is coronavirus more serious than we thought? Probably. But it sucks to take away what will be a lot of these kids last games ever playing competitive hockey just sucks to see and shouldn't happen. I'm fully on board with playing in empty arenas. I even like the idea of putting one fan from each team in the arena, that would be GOLD content. But I just don't think these kids should have to throw in the towel just like that. Zero chance Head Coach Teddy Donato is cool with this too. Buddy is the definition of old school hockey. He'd play through the bubonic plague if he could.

I'm no scientist but I saw today that some places are taking everyones temperature before they enter the venue, can't the ECAC just do that for both teams? If you're sick or showing signs of being sick then you can't play. Easy as that. Nothing else you can do. Again, i'm not scientist though and i'm a moron.

I'm also being told that there is a conference call today between all Ivy League schools and there is a chance that all could follow suit like Harvard. Giving schools like Clarkson and Quinnipiac straight bids to Lake Placid. I mean, awesome if you play a non Ivy League school in the ECAC, just BRUTAL if you don't though. 

Maybe the nerds know something we don't? But i'm here to tell you this really sucks and I'm sure the Harvard seniors will tell you the same thing.