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Let the Re-evaluation Cycle Begin...Ben Simmons to Be Re-re-evaluated in Three Weeks

I think there are few things in this world worse than the fucking re-evaluation game. This was the update we got two weeks ago.

I've seen it FAR too many times in the past 5 years in Philly. I've seen it with Jo, I've seen it with Ben, and I sure as hell have fucking seen it with the fraudulent Markelle Fultz. It's the stupidest term in sports. It happens every fucking year with this team, and they just keep getting re-evaluated to death until they eventually get the yips. Am I emotionally scarred by Fultz and am I speaking erratically because I am upset about this season and the fear that this team will never win a championship? Fuck yea I am. Is the re-evaluation game still the stupidest thing in sports? Fuck yea it is. 

I guess you could look positively at the "progressing in rehab". I mean technically it could say he has suffered a setback and will never play basketball again. That would definitely be worse. But the fact that this re-evaluation would leave him just seven games between then and the playoffs makes me believe that his season is very much in jeopardy. God I hate sports. God I hate basketball. God I hate Philadelphia...

With that being said, he's going to come back healthy and all of our problems are going to magically go away, and Al Horford will morph into a man 10 years younger, and we are going to win the East. Trust the Process Baby