Lightning Bolt Almost Strikes Down A Couple Trying To Take A Romantic Beach Selfie


Mirror- Life couldn’t be better for this couple as they swim and snorkel in Mexico. The tanned twosome clearly only have eyes for each other as they parade around Yal-Ku Lagoon in Akumal, Quintana Roo. But as lifeguards ask them to leave the water because a storm is approaching, the loved-up pair can’t resist posing for one more indulgent selfie. As they nestle together, a thunderbolt of light flashes behind them, scaring the living daylights out of them. Whether they were hit by a bolt of lightning or someone just set off a really bad firework, it certainly cut short their selfie snapping. Still, they did manage to film the whole event and post the clip on You Tube. Every cloud and all that.

Oh come on!  That storm needs to have better aim next time.  This couple threw that storm a meat ball and it whiffed big time.  We were THIS close to our first romantic selfie death by lightning.  Not to mention video of it too.  “Hey honey, look at us having a good time on our vacation.  We’re so in love.  I want to show the world how in love we are.  This is gonna kill it on Facebook.  Likes on likes one likes. AHHHH WE’RE DEAD”  It would’ve been a big moment for selfies and people who hate selfies.  Headlines like “KILLER SELFIES” and “Will Selfies Kill You?” on the front pages of large newspapers across the world.  Hopefully stopping everyone from taking so damn many of them.  But nope.  Nothing more than a near-miss and a cool story for this couple.  Makes me sick.  Next time though.  Next time.