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EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS: Jimmy Butler Still Doesn't Enjoy The Time He Spent Playing In Philly

Wow!!! Groundbreaking!! Earth shattering!!!! Completely mind bending news here that Jimmy Butler didn't have the most enjoyable experience of all time when he was playing with the 76ers. I, for one, am shocked. From everything we've heard up until this point, it seemed like he loved it here. From everything we've heard up until this point, he truly admired how well and organized this entire franchise has been operating from the top down. No issues with management. No issues with the coaches. No issues with any teammates. So to hear him go on JJ Redick's podcast and sound like it wasn't the smoothest transition for him to jump into this organization? Really just has me feeling all sorts of bamboozled. 

For fuck's sake, man. How many more times do we have to hear this same exact thing? How many times do we need to hear Jimmy Butler bitching about his time with the Sixers while alluding to a ton of different issues and going into detail about none of them? Every damn time this guy gets asked about the Sixers, it's the same exact thing. Who cares? Honestly who actually cares? 

I'd imagine that for the most part, Jimmy Butler's frustrations with this team and organization are totally justifiable. I don't think there's a single soul in the world who thinks the Sixers are the epitome of how a professional sports team should operate. But this is like the 27th time we've heard Jimmy Butler do and say the same exact thing about his time here. It didn't work out. Boo fucking hoo. I wish it did but it didn't. But for someone who seems to constantly act like the alpha in the room, it sure seems like Jimmy Butler had zero ability to be that guy with the Sixers. And maybe that says more about how much of a shit show the Sixers are at the leadership level than it does about Jimmy Butler, but still. You "didn't know who the fuck was in charge"? You're Jimmy Butler, dude. Just take charge yourself if you're always going to talk about it. 

Anyway, Jimmy hated Philly and that's a Barstool Sports exclusive report. Please credit.