This 103 Year Old Badass Granny Just Kicked Coronavirus Right in the Nuts

Source - A 103-year-old grandmother has recovered from the coronavirus following six-day treatment in Wuhan.

The centenarian, Zhang Guangfen, was discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon.

She is so far the oldest coronavirus patient to recover in China and two years older than the previous recorder-holder, 101. 

Ms Zhang was cured within less than a week because 'she did not have many underlying health conditions', her doctor Zeng Yulan told the local press. ...

Ms Zhang gradually recovered after being given round-the-clock care and nutrition therapy sessions, Liao added.

'The grandmother loved being complimented by the nurses,' the matron continued.

'She would smile and nod every time after I told her she looked pretty.'

Zhang Guangfen, you magnificent, powerful, majestic warrior princess. Thank you for your service. Not only to yourself, but to anxious world. How can any of us live in mortal fear of dying from Covid-19 when this triple digit Valkyrie just stared it down? My girl grabbed that little microbial pussy by the throat and then roundhouse kicked it into oblivion. And any grown person who chooses despair over being inspired by her sheer strength of will should hold their manhood or womanhood cheap while this goddess walks the Earth. And be ashamed in her mighty presence. 

This is still the early stages and we have no idea which way this thing is going to go. Nobody wants to be the one to say we're overreacting out of fear those words will be thrown in their face later on. So I'm not flipping the bat until the ball has cleared the fence. But when you hear about Zhang Guangfen being the second person 100+ person to beat the 'Rona just in her own neighborhood, it makes stuff like this seem all the more ridiculous:

So yeah, at the risk of sounding cavalier about a potential plague, when you're going grocery shopping dressed like you're heading to your job as a meth cook to protect you from a virus that can't defeat a 103 year old lady who would probably be killed by spicy Buffalo wings, you're overreacting. Take normal precautions. Wash your hands. Try not to touch your face. Sneeze into your elbow. In other words, crazy as they may sound, act like a sane person should, whether or not there's a disease going around. 

I'm choosing not to live in fear but to live like my new centenarian crush, Zhang Guangfen. When all this blows over, I'm going to personally fly to Wuhan and buy her a drink.