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Braves Troll Astros With 'I Saw the Sign' as They Take the Field

The Astros continued the spring training portion of their 2020 Shame Tour yesterday against the Atlanta Braves in North Port, Fla., and the Braves made sure the Astros knew National League teams hate them too.

I'm so conflicted on this because I'm extremely mad that a cheating scandal of this magnitude was happening on a team which won the World Series, but I also think there is validity to the argument that this was good for the popularity of baseball. You're going to have videos like this the entire season. Everybody has a common hatred for one opponent that they can rally around and it will be a talking point through October. We talked about baseball more this offseason than in any previous one I can remember.

And there are going to be more people tuning in to Major League Baseball games if for no other reason than to see somebody on the Astros hopefully wear one on the ribs.

I'm looking forward to stuff like this all year. I want to see which teams are willing to toe the line with what they can do. Every opposing ballpark the Astros travel to is going to be a new shitstorm for them.

Also during the game against the Braves, Houston had to deal with a man — some would say hero — wearing a trash can hat right next to its dugout the entire game.

And just for good measure, the Braves blanked the Astros 3-0.