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UK's Immanuel Quickley Found Out He Won Player Of The Year When His Teammate Interrupted A Class Taking A Test Screaming About It

[Source] - “We were in class and I just looked on my phone and I just saw that he got SEC Player of the Year,” Richards said. “I was so happy for him that I shouted his name out in class while everybody was still working. He really deserves it. He works his butt off the whole entire year. I’m just proud of him.”

Wait a minute. What the hell is going on here that Kentucky's starting two guard needs to be taking tests in March? Feel like the professors need to understand some timing and work around the hoops schedule. Don't need my guys worrying about tests when they are focusing on scouting reports. 

But this is why I love this team. Nick Richards could have won SEC Player of the Year. It was a debate who would win between the two of them. He could have been pissed that he was just All-SEC but no. He interrupts a test because he's so damn happy for Quickley. Need that good juju heading into March. 

Quickley's development is letting Calipari play a modern offense. He's running 3 guards with Maxey/Hagans/Quickley who all can handle the ball, get to the rim and 2 of the 3 are good shooters instead of his modern 2 guards, 2 bigs and a wing that was his staple. Instead he's able to use the 4 as a matchup base with Montgomery/Brooks/Sestina in that spot and bring Juzang off the bench. 

Now, stop making hoopers take tests. We got titles to win.