Minor League Baseball Game Turns Into A Haymaker Fest Real Quick


Nothing worse than when a baseball “fight” breaks out and there’s a lot of standing around and pointing and “hold me back” empty threats.  And by the time the guys sprint in from the bullpen it’s usually already over.  Those baseball “fights” suck and we see them all too often.  Cooler heads prevail and it’s booooooring.  Well this one didn’t have any of those sort of things.  None of that “Hold me back” stuff here.  Just good ol’ fashioned fists to faces.  Love it.  It was refreshing to to see guys ganging up on people and physically attacking them.  That might sound a little weird but I stand by it.  I don’t condone fighting (well, maybe) but if guys are gonna go at it, I like to see actual punches.

PS- I can’t decide if being the guy with your back pushed up against the netting is a good spot to be or a bad spot to be.  I think it’d be good.  Sure, you can’t really move but you also don’t have to worry about someone sucker punching you from behind.  The only real option you have in that position is to throw non-stop haymakers and hope you get out alive.