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The MAC And Big West Announced They Are Playing Their Tournaments Without Fans - We're Officially Close To NCAA Panic Time

Fuuuuucccccckkkkkkkk. This is not great news as someone who would like to see the NCAA Tournament go on as planned. Why is this significant more than the Ivy cancelling its tournament? Cleveland, where the MAC is being played, is also hosting the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament. I know, I know that MSG is hosting the Sweet 16/Elite 8 and Greensboro, where the ACC is playing also hosts NCAA Tournament games. But, the fact that people are cool with this idea of playing in front of family members/media makes me nervous that the NCAA will panic a bit here. 

Now why am I saying panic? Obviously, I want the NCAA Tournament to be played as is, just as a fan. It would be so bizarre to see the best postseason in all of sports just played in empty gyms. The other thing is I don't want the NCAA to make a decision until the last possible second. There's no reason to, as frustrating as that can be if you're planning travel here in the next week.

Remember on Sunday, the committee chair came out and said everything is going as planned. Well, tonight they put this statement out: 

That's a bit more complicated and seems not great if you're wanting to watch the Tournament as it typically goes. That said, it does read like they are going to see how the conference tournaments go and how people react to news like Ivy, MAC, Big West - even the ACC, who announced that everything is going as planned. 

I don't know, man. I've said it so many times, I get that the coronavirus isn't a 'laughing matter' but this whole cancelling things is just getting so much. What happens if a family member gets it traveling to a game or anything like that? Seems like there are risk controls in place. Still feel like the NCAA should and will (barring something crazy coming out in the next week) say they are playing in front of fans, they suggest that anyone that's been sick or elderly not attend, they are setting up cleaning stations and more sanitizer and locker room access is limited.