Guy Takes A Picture Of His Bathroom For A Real Estate Listing And He's "Accidentally" Naked In The Picture

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Daily Mail- This Texas home has five bedrooms, four bathrooms and roomy decks – but they aren’t the only things that will catch your eye. A homeowner trying to sell his Austin condo has uploaded images of the house to listings website HotPads and the photographs reveal a little too much. In one image of the bathroom, the owner has apparently failed to notice that he’s standing in front of a room full of mirrors – while completely naked, Gawker reported. And even when he was musing over which images to upload to HotPads, he failed to see that the bathroom image reflected him in his full, naked glory. A tipster sent the image of the man baring his not-so-privates to Gawker.

Suuuuuuuuure pal.  Okay.  You “accidentally” listed a photo of your bathroom that just so happened to have a naked picture of you in it.  Listen, if you want to try and string everybody along and tell them this wasn’t on purpose, fine.  Most people are probably stupid enough to buy.  But I want you to know, the game you’re playing, I see it.  I saw it from a mile away.  “Oh I’ll put this picture up, claim I didn’t know I was naked and see if any of the little fishes come biting.”  Hey, worth a shot.  Don’t hate they playa, hate the game.  I wouldn’t be the leaf bit surprised if this guy starts a revolution.  Or at least a new way to try and pick up chicks.  House and nudes photos.  There’s a dating site for everything else out there, why not go the domestic route?  A wise man once quoted a famous hockey player who said “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”  Never has that been more true.