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The Blackhawks Have Called Up Nic Beaudin Just Like I Asked Them To This Morning

Well, well, well. Thank you very much for listening. A mere 6 hours ago...

Here we go. A look to the future. I feel like it is entirely possible that later this year we get a defensive lineup that looks like




And then Bowman will tell us how this was all part of the plan and that the future is bright and I will want to puke all over my computer when I read that comment. I am not complaining about this move though. The season is over. You might as well see if Beaudin has a little something at the NHL level. This is the pick they got for former first round rick Ryan Hartman who has proven to become a nice bottom 6 player. Is Beaudin good? I have no idea. He was a point per game player his last two years of junior and has 15 points in 59 games for Rockford this year. Scouting report on him going into the draft was that he was smart, skilled, and could make a ton of plays in transition. With Boqvist and Mitchell getting most of the press it's like Beaudin is an after thought. Who knows if he is even in the Hawks long-term plans at this point since Keith and deHaan will make up 2/3rds of the left side in the immediate future and Murphy, Boqvist, and Mitchell should take up three spots on the right side. In limited action I have liked what I've seen from Beaudin. His presence makes the last month of the season a little more interesting than it would've otherwise and that might be the only motivation