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Does Being the YoYo Baby Get This Kid Laid?

YoYos drop panties and flood rooms. Imagine him in a sorority house? Hurricane Katrina wouldn’t have shit on that place. Simply put, if you can YoYo, you can make a girl do anything. I remember it like it was yesterday, yoyos got popular again when I was in 5th grade. If you had a Brain or Fireball (those were the brands) you were hot shit. Then this one kid tried to do the around-the-world move, basically went all or nothing. He pulls it off, he’s getting OTPHJs in the coat closet during indoor recess, and if he fails, it’s basically social suicide. He becomes the leftover kid who has to be paired up by the teacher because nobody wanted to work with him. Well guess what happened? He did it too close to a pane glass window and fucking shattered that shit. And then we couldn’t bring YoYos to school anymore. And if you can’t bring a YoYo to school to show off to the breezies, there’s no point in having one to begin with.

So to answer my own question, YoYo Baby is now dead because he suffocated under so much poon.