All The Ivy League Teams Now Started A Petition Begging To Play The Conference Tournament

[Source] - The hypocrisy of our Ivy League presidents is baffling and alarming. We are disappointed and disheartened that they would discriminate against one sport and allow the others to continue to compete. Other conferences, such as the SEC and Pac - 12, are still scheduled to host their men’s basketball championship tournaments. These tournaments are scheduled to start March 11 or later.

More concern about the spread of the virus would have led to the cancellation of not only all other tournaments, but all other sporting events as well. This weekend, other Ivy League teams are still scheduled to compete on the East Coast and across the country, with a limited amount of spectators. As of right now, Yale Women’s Lacrosse is flying to California to compete against Fresno State and multiple Ivy League baseball and softball teams are competing in Florida. Additionally, Ivy League wrestlers are flying to Minneapolis to compete in the NCAA tournament. 

I have no idea if these petitions ever work but I love that every program in the Ivy League is attacking the Ivy League. I have no idea if the Ivy League can even change their decision in terms of going to a tournament again after saying Yale is going to the NCAA Tournament. But they need to just say fuck it, we're playing. 

Like the petition says - how does it make sense to let teams fly across country or play in other events while just cancelling your own conference tournament? That's what no one seems to understand. How was there no discussion about playing in an empty gym if you're that worried? Have every player and staff member for the 4 teams in each tournament tested for coronavirus and then move on. Boom, problem solved for free. 

I want nothing more now than the Ivy to get bullied. There's been so much backlash about this because of how unfair it is to every team involved. Again, why is the league letting other sports travel and compete if this is the concern? Like I said - I have no idea if this petition works. I'm just here to scream and hope that it does. You can sign it here.