Charles Barkley Responds To Draymond Green And Absolutely Buries Him

You may remember back on Friday we had the very rare triple blog about Draymond Green taking his shots at Chuck because Barkley won't stop clowning him for his triple singles.

If you missed it, here's the quote

Pretty embarrassing for Draymond all around in my opinion. Rolling with the "he doesn't have rings he can't talk basketball with me" is the weakest shit you'll ever hear. Especially when you're talking about Chuck who was a HOF player, MVP, and one of the best players on The Dream Team. Pretty sure he knows basketball. But that's not the point of this blog, this is about Chuck's response to those comments and boyyyy oh boyyy the man has done it again. 

I ask you, find the lie in what Chuck said. Nobody was going to Warriors games and screaming for Draymond. They are there for Steph, Klay, KD, etc. Sure they'll defend Draymond's importance to the death, but he's not the star of those teams. Who knows, maybe you plug anyone into those teams and they have the same amount of rings as Draymond. As we saw this season, with Draymond trying his solo act things didn't exactly go all that well. It's like when the less famous member of a group tries to put out a solo album and it tanks, just like Chuck said. This is the problem with what Draymond did. He's never going to win this battle. Not just because his overall point was trash, but because Chuck can chirp with the best of em. 

Now we wait for Draymond to respond because you KNOW he's going to. There's also no chance he doesn't dig himself into an even deeper grave so I for one cannot wait for it to happen. What could he possibly come back with? He'll probably make fun of his golf swing or something lame the same way he came up with the lame not having rings diss. If he's smart he'll just take his L and pretend this never happened because Chuck has completely won this beef and it's not particularly close.