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Gary Sanchez Having The Coronavirus Would Be So Unbelievably Perfect For This Year's Yankees Spring Training


We've reached the point of the Yankees injury riddled Spring Training where we have to wait for a tweet that says whether or not Gary Sanchez has the coronavirus. That's where we're at. Everyday is truly a new adventure of hell. Of course one of them would potentially get this virus. Why didn't we think of this? This should have been expected. 

Today Gary Sanchez was scheduled to take BP and have a catching side session as he deals with his mysterious sore back. That all got thrown out the window when he showed up with a fever. Awesome. The string of Gary updates we've gotten since we first found out about his sore back has been a little ridiculous. This sucks. We NEED Gary Sanchez in the lineup with Judge and Stanton out. I can't take this anymore. 

Now we're dealing with a possible case of corona. On top of Luis Severino's torn UCL, Aaron Judge's stress fracture in his rib, Paxton's cyst, and Stanton's calf now we have to deal with Gary Sanchez getting infected with fucking coronavirus. That's not to mention Aaron Hicks recovering from TJ and Domingo German being suspended. A once perfect offseason has quickly spiraled into a nightmare spring training. Bubble wrap everyone and let's just start the goddamn season. I can't take another Bryan Hoch tweet about an injury. I'm not kidding, just take the ball from Gerrit Cole today and tell him to sit in an ice chamber with no windows until March 26th happens. 

Imagine he actually has corona? They'd have to quarantine the entire Yankees team. Everyone. At what point do Tommy, Mush, TJ, and myself have to worry about ourselves? We were there less than a week ago interacting with players. I swear to God Gary. 

P.S. Does anyone else get hurt? I haven't heard anyone on any other team get injured this spring outside of Willie Calhoun breaking his jaw, Chris Sale's elbow, and Verlander's strained lat. Its those three injuries and then 17 Yankees.