Gillie Da Kid Eviscerates (and fires) His Producer In A 20 Minute Rant After Learning He Tried To Sue Him For 15% Of MDWOG

I don't know how much crossover there is between our blog readers and our podcast listeners, I imagine it's different depending on the franchise, but if you don't follow Million Dollaz Worth Of Game you're missing out. Long story short, Gillie fired Dev Nasty (their producer) because Dev tried to sue him for 15% of MDWOG. That would be like me suing Large and Willie for 15% of Barstool Breakfast. It makes no sense. The rant is twenty minutes long so you can play it in the background while you work, but if you have the chance I highly recommend watching it. Here you go: 

Imagine if these guys were in the office? Also, he paid Dev $528 an hour? Is that a thing? Does he need a producer? Anyway, follow these dudes at least on IG if you want to be entertained. Wallo267 is a gem too. All purpose on a Sunday!